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Enough of This Tomfoolery

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Country House Reader

The British country house is a phenomenon in its own right and has been the subject of studies both academic and popular, literature, art and crucially a topic for countless period drama and film. If you want to learn more about various aspects of the country house then this is a good place to start.

An Historian Goes to the Movies

This blog deals with the history and the truth behind period dramas and films and why any historical film or TV programmes cannot simply be dismissed as mere “entertainment”. The blogger is a professional historian himself and has a lot of insights into history as seen on film and television and how for good or ill has helped shape the public’s knowledge about history.

Frock Flicks

An informative blog about the good, the bad and the ugly in costumes featured in period films and TV programmes. It’s witty and funny with a bit of snark. Given fashion isn’t really my forte, I don’t necessarily pick up on whether a certain fabric or cut is inappropriate to a certain historical figure or era so this site is worth checking out.

Servants’ Stories

Want to know more about what life was really like downstairs?  This blog has interesting features about life in service and shows that the history can be far more interesting than fiction.

Mimi Matthews

Mimi Matthews’ blog deals with the social history side of the long 19th century beginning with the Regency era down to the twilight of the Victorian period.  If you want to learn more about fashion, beauty, marriage and family and even animals during this period then this blog is for you.