Living in interesting times

As I’ve said in a previous post, history can repeat itself in astonishing patterns and the current COVID 19 crisis has brought into fore the Spanish Flu pandemic that happened a hundred years ago.

Since both of us have been on enforced working from home we are hoping to keep this blog updated when we can despite the limited resources at our disposal.

In the meantime, please stay safe and observe the necessary protocols when it comes to hygiene and distancing.

Upcoming Posts

We are thankful to and heartened by those who have read, commented and liked our posts so far. By way of updates and in no particular order, here is a list of our next few posts:

  1. Why Lord Grantham isn’t too old to serve at the front during WW1
  2. An American at Kenwood – the historical background behind a John Singer Sargent portrait now at Kenwood House
  3. How life in service is portrayed in memoirs and drama
  4. A look at how Lord Grantham’s army career would have unfolded
  5. What life was really like for a housemaid
  6. Would real life characters of the Downton era act in the same way as their fictional counterparts?
  7. Debutantes and the morals and rationale behind the Season
  8. The flaws behind the entail story line (Downton Abbey, series 1 episode 1)
  9. A review of Edward the Seventh (TV series, 1975)

Again, many thanks for your support and we look forward to hearing from you all. As always, we welcome any comment as long as it’s constructive and polite.