6 Remarkable First World War Memorials

Heritage Calling

1. The Response, Newcastle

Designed by Sir William Goscombe John, unveiled 1923. Grade I listed

8055702666_3d283b832b_o © Dun Deagh

“The Response” memorial in Newcastle sits in the public gardens of the church of St Thomas. An extraordinary scene is depicted in the form of a bronze group of dozens of highly detailed figures, those in front marching in step with two drummer boys and those falling behind to bid farewell to wives, children and friends. This remembers the massing of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers in April 1915, and their march down the Great North Road and through Newcastle to its Central Station.

2. Hall of Memory, Birmingham

Designed by S.N. Cooke and W. Norman Twist. Grade I listed

© © Brian Clift

Out of the 150,000 men and women from Birmingham who served during the First World War, 12,320 were killed and 35,000 wounded. In 1920 a design competition among Birmingham…

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